Thursday, April 17, 2014

{p,h,f,r}, holy week & an invitation

This week I have taken note of the pretty, happy, funny & real goings on in my life.

Isn't this tulip beautiful? These vibrant purple tulips I received were a welcome sight to my eyes as I spent time inside resting. They are just so joyful!

There's something so friendly about daffodils, don't you think? We had a few mornings filled with sunshine this week (before a dusting of snow, but let's not talk about that). Being outside with the warmth of the sun on my back...breathing the fresh air...blessings.

{These snapdragons have nothing to do with my funny story. But I like them.}
Michael and I went to confession at our church on Monday evening. After praying for a while, I went into the confessional (the door was open & the light was on inside). I closed the door behind me, knelt down in front of the screen and went through my entire confession. After I confessed my sins, I waited for the priest to say something...but...silence. Maybe he was thinking about what I said? More silence. "Hello?" I said. Nope. Nothing. I had just confessed to an empty room! Oh goodness, it was funny. A little practice round for me! Ha!

May I just say something, though: I am so grateful for the gift of this sacrament. I never went to confession very often growing up, but Michael helped encourage me to go again in recent years, and while I'm always a little nervous beforehand, nothing compares with the peace of God's mercy and forgiveness. I found this blog post on Confession to be accessible and helpful.

And just like that it's Holy Thursday. In some ways this Lent seems to have been difficult and long, and in some ways it seems to have quickly passed. The past month has been quite a blur. I am thankful for these upcoming holy days, and in a special way today, for the great gift of the Eucharist. There is nothing like the healing power of Jesus. I was especially grateful to receive on Palm Sunday after being physically unable for a few weeks. Thank you so much for your prayers!

And now, I have an invitation for you!

I wanted to invite each of you to pray with me. From April 20-28, I will be praying a novena to ask St. Gianna, patron saint of mothers and unborn children, to pray for us. For any non-Catholic readers out there, as Catholics we believe in the Communion of Saints. We ask the saints to pray for us and with us, just as you might ask your mom or your brother to pray for you and with you. Whether you are Catholic or not, for a more in-depth understanding, I recommend reading this great post.

While I have gotten to know more about St. Gianna's beautiful witness since my miscarriage, I think we can all relate to her and learn from her life. I'll be posting the novena prayers here daily along with some other posts. I hope you'll join me in prayer, and please invite your friends to join us, too! We will start the novena on Sunday so we can finish on St. Gianna's feast day, Monday, April 28.

As always, thanks for being here. Have a blessed weekend!

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{Wedding Mass picture in Holy Thursday graphic by A Thousand Words Photography. Graphic design by me.}


  1. Phenomenal pics! Love your post!
    So happy I clicked over from CWB FB group.I have not joined in the phfr link in so long...I really enjoyed reading yours....and I could learn a lot more about St G. Thank you for the info on the novena~!!
    Have a beautiful Triduum!
    Happy Easter!

  2. I am looking forward to joining in prayer with the novena!

  3. My dear friend, I will be honored to pray with you. : )

  4. Hi! I am visiting from Bonnie's blog. I will join you in praying the St. Gianna novena.
    Following along with bloglovin'.

  5. I love the daffodil peeking up on the edge of your porch!


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