Friday, June 13, 2014

7 Quick Takes {no. 20}

Happy Friday! Here are my quick takes (with Theme Thursday in take no. 5!):

Today is the feast of St. Anthony. I found this quotation of his this morning, and thought I would share it here:
St. Anthony's words ring truer than ever in today's world. How often external noise - noise that comes in many forms - distracts me from seeing the face of our Lord Jesus. St. Anthony, pray for us. 

I had an NYC first (and hopefully last) this week, friends: I was hit by a biker. My guardian angel must have been watching over me because somehow I didn't even fall down and the biker didn't fall off his bike. My hand got scratched up from his handlebars and I have a big ugly bruise/goose egg on my calf, but it could have been so much worse. Moral of the story: always double check that no one is coming, even when you have the right of way to cross the street. Oof.

On Wednesday my 5 favorites were about my favorite flower. I know there's been a lot of peony-love around this place lately, but I just can't help but share this picture with you:
God's creation is glorious.

Did you see this awesome post by Meg with 100 ideas for serving your church? It's a great read, and gave me a lot to think & pray about as I examine how I am serving the church in this season of life.

When I heard Cari's Theme Thursday yesterday was old-fashioned, something immediately jumped to mind: When Michael & I first moved to NYC we were engaged, but not married. We were living in different parts of town; Michael lived in Manhattan, near Columbia, and I lived in Astoria. I remember so many people being (very) surprised that we weren't living together. I'll never forget when one person said, "Wow! That's so old-fashioned!" He paused before continuing, "I like it!" Yes! Me too. Would it have been more convenient or cheaper to share an apartment, or less annoying than commuting a total of two hours a day to see each other? Yes. If I could go back, would I change what we did? No way. I wish that our choice to wait wasn't thought of as old-fashioned. I wish everyone could see the beauty of waiting for marriage to live with one another.
{photo by A Thousand Words Photography}
The joy of marriage: completely worth the wait!

Speaking of marriage...Monday is Michael's & my two-year anniversary. Stop back then for a special post...if you like that sorta thing. :)

I'm fresh out of takes, my friends. It's a little quiet around here these days without my love. Counting down the days to seeing him again!

Linking up these quick takes with our guest hostess with the mostess (and that she is), the birthday gal, Kathryn at Team Whitaker!

Have a beautiful weekend!

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  1. Love the St. Anthony quote! Happy almost 2 year anniversary! My husband and I will celebrate our 19th this December. Yikes! Time flies. Glad you are OK after the biker crashed into you! Guardian angels surely protect us more than we know. God bless!

  2. Your dress is gorgeous! Wow! My husband is a bike rider, and I always worry about him being hit by cars, not him hitting people. I love the quote as well.

  3. I'm glad you weren't hurt worse! I live in a rural area and there are always bikers coming here from the suburbs to get on the open rode. I am so afraid I'm going to hit one with my car!

  4. We never lived together either but it was easier because we were long distance so no one ever gave us grief. But it made the return from the honeymoon all the more sweet because we then got to move and LIVE together. How cool.


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