Friday, June 6, 2014

7 quick takes {no. 19} in which I finish my travels
& meet Jennifer Fulwiler!

Well, my friends, it has been quite a week. Hence, the lack of blogging. In the past three weeks I've been from NYC, to Michigan, to Ohio, to Kentucky, to Ohio, to Michigan, to NYC, to Houston, and now I'm back in NYC again. Whew! I'm tired just typing it! Don't get me wrong, however - these trips have been blessed, and I am grateful!
As I mentioned last week, Michael has an internship in Houston this summer. We spent the last week settling into our apartment there and getting to know the area a bit. Now I'm back in NYC and he is in Houston. I am working on a series of shows through the middle of July and then I'll go back to Houston to join him. While I'm excited for this work opportunity, I am already missing my man! 

Have you & your loved one ever had to do long distance? Luckily, Michael and I haven't had too much experience with this. Any advice out there? A friend sent me this quotation, which I just loved:

"Away with my sadness! I can always find you in the loving Heart of Jesus,
with the same clarity as if I had you present."
{St. Frances Cabrini}

I did get to enjoy a few hours of quiet, relaxation & sunshine while in Houston. I am looking forward to spending some QT at this pool when I return later in the summer. What a gift!
Sunhat & SPF 50 a must. Say what you will. {via the 'gram}

I flew back from Houston on Wednesday, just in time to meet Jennifer Fulwiler!
Let me tell you, friends: Jen is the real deal. We already know that from reading her blog, but she is just so lovely in person. She gave an awesome talk. There were moments that made me laugh, moments that made me think, and moments that touched my heart (just like her book!). Jen also did a great job answering some tough questions from the crowd (who was very engaged and seemed to thoroughly enjoy her story). The Holy Spirit is definitely at work in her. If she comes to your town any time soon, don't miss it. And if you haven't read Something Other Than God yet, you know I recommend it!
Yes, it's true: Jen is tall! And so am I! :)
Thanks for a wonderful evening, Jen! Such a delight to meet you.

I am really hoping to get back into more regular posting on the blog this week. Wish me luck! Is there anything you'd like to hear from me? Let me know!

And just for fun, "just because it's June..." (June! Juuuuuune!)
Gotta love Rodgers & Hammerstein.

Linking up with the lovely Jen & many more! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Stopping over from Conversion Diary. I live in Houston also. If you need anything when you get here, I would be happy to help. I am so excited about getting to meet Jen at the Edel Gathering this summer.

    1. Thank you so much, Ann-Marie. That is very sweet of you. I can't find your contact info on your blog - would you e-mail me at inendlesssong {at} gmail {dot} com?

  2. Lucky duck! You got to meet Jennifer! I've been working at a little Catholic bookstore, and her books are just flying off the shelves. I popped in for about 3 hours yesterday to work on the inventory, and four people bought a copy.
    Country Girl's Daybook: Jesus, Photography, Fashion, & Food

  3. How exciting that you got to meet Jen!! Just a wee bit jealous!

  4. Shade is your friend. : )
    I am with you there...
    We are all fair skinned, and when my girls begin to complain about the lack of a tan., I always remind them of the beautiful movie stars and models with porcelain skin. : )

  5. Luckily, it doesn't sound like you long distance thing will be too long, although I know how hard it can be. But, hey, soon you'll have your guy AND your pool!

  6. That is such a great picture of you and Jen! I was just listening to Carousel songs on the Classical station here earlier this week...oh and that green suit of yours, very Grace Kelly-ish and oober cute ;)

  7. Your swimsuit is fabulous!
    And I would have loved to have been at that reading with you and Kelly. So fun!


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