Saturday, January 18, 2014

remembering grandma

This is my beautiful Grandma.
{Grandma at our wedding. I'm so thankful she was there.}
A year ago today, my grandmother moved on from this life to the next.
She has been on my heart a lot this week. I wanted to share a little about her here on my blog today,
remembering and honoring her.
{with family after one of my opera performances - Grandma is in the front}
One of my clearest memories as a little girl is that my grandma used to take my sister and me to see a musical every January. We would so look forward to going with her year after year. It was always a special treat to go see the show and spend the night at Grandma's afterwards. My grandmother loved the arts, and she was always supportive of me as a musician.
{talking to Grandma after one of my performances}
My grandma loved her family. She loved hosting holiday gatherings at her house.
{sitting with Grandma on her childhood porch swing,
which is now at my Aunt's house}
Her favorite flowers were tulips.
She loved cooking - and she was very good at it. She was most famous for her chocolate chip cookies.
I miss my Grandma. I am also so grateful for the many years God gave us with her. I am so blessed to have had all four of my grandparents present on my wedding day. I will always remember that.

{Grandma & me at my bridal shower}
 Love you, Grandma. Thinking of you.

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