Wednesday, January 22, 2014

5 favorites {no. 3} winter edition

It's Wednesday, so I'm linking up with Hallie and some other lovelies for five favorites!

It's also mid-January, and it seems many bloggers & friends have the mid-winter blues.
People are ready for spring, and I totally get that! But today I am listing five of my favorite things about winter that aren't as enjoyable during the other seasons. Just call me Pollyanna. :)
{1} lighting a candle // Marshmallow Fireside via Bath & Body Works Home
is what's burning here in our apartment. Yum.

{2} cozying up with blankets // Nothing like a cold winter's night as an excuse for some extra cuddling with your sweetheart! Blankets above courtesy of my Grandma, Michael's Granny & Pottery Barn.

{3} sipping a hot beverage // What's your fancy? Hot tea, hot cocoa, hot coffee? As you can see,
we like Celestial Seasonings tea (Lemon Zinger is my fave, and Mint Magic is Michael's).

{4} snow //...preferably the freshly fallen variety. That pure, white, sparkly snow just doesn't last long here in NYC. Michael & I went out last night for a walk in our neighborhood after about twelve inches had fallen. It was so quiet and peaceful (and romantic, too!).

{5} smittens // We received these smittens as a wedding gift, so I'm not sure where they are from
(you can find them on etsy). As you can see in the pictures, there's a glove for each of us, and then a glove for us to share so we can hold hands. Love these.

 What are your favorite things about winter? I'd love to hear.
Thanks for stopping by! Stay cozy & warm!

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  1. I loved this one, Elise!
    Loved it all...I usually burn Yankee candles, but I am quickly learning those Bath and Body ones are AMAZING!
    I just actually drafted a post about my favorite winter things...and cozy blankets were certainly on the list. : )
    Stay warm and cozy!

    1. I enjoy Yankee candles too, but the B&BW candles are my favorite! And who doesn't love a cozy blanket? :)

  2. Re: #3, Bengal Spice is my favorite. It's tasty and sweet on its own, but even better with cream and honey, like chai. I've been drinking a LOT of tea these past few days!

    1. Yes - Bengal Spice with milk & honey is delicious! Thanks for stopping by, Laura. :)

  3. Smittens are the BEST.
    ~ Country Girl's Daybook, recently posted: #whywemarch


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