Wednesday, May 10, 2017

One thing I know

"A season of big changes is coming up in my life. If I try to imagine six months from now, I cannot; there are so many unknowns looming ahead. Of course, none of us can really know what our lives will look like in six months – or tomorrow, for that matter, as every breath is a gift from God – but many of us probably have a decent guess. 

As for my family, we hope that my husband will successfully complete his Ph.D. program, receive a job offer, and we’ll pack up our lives and move to who knows where. (The Lord knows where.) I don’t know if we will move closer to our families, as we both so desire, or farther from them. I don’t know what the opportunities for my own work will be in our new location. I don’t know what parish we will attend, what community we will be a part of, or where my son will go to preschool. But, one thing I do know."

Read the rest of my devotion at Blessed is She today.


  1. Elise I just wanted to share that I read your entire reflection on BIS today and it was exactly what I needed! Our family is at the point of a lot of big change as well, and your words were very encouraging. Thank you!! i will keep you in prayer during this season of transition as well! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Deanna. Praise God that He was able to touch your heart through my words. Prayers in this time for you, too!


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