Friday, October 31, 2014

p,h,f,r & 7QT {no. 32}

Two lovely link-ups {p, h, f, r & 7QT - be sure to visit them for more!} on this very special Friday...

'Tis the season for Christmas card photo taking, and Michael and I had a friend take a few shots for us yesterday. We got just a little gussied (prettied up, if you will) and headed off to the park. Here are a couple of outtakes:
Have I mentioned how much I love this guy?
Even when he thinks he's very funny and tickles me mid-picture, hence the swinging mistletoe. :)

We reached the twenty week milestone with Baby No. 2 this week, and we are so very happy. I simply cannot believe we are already halfway through this pregnancy. Next week we (hopefully!!) find out whether we have a little boy or a little girl in there. Any guesses, dear readers? I'd love to hear what you think in the comments.

Here's my twenty week photo bumpdate in case that informs your boy/girl guess:

And now for the real...

As you may or may not know, today was our sweet Thomas Gianna's due date. My heart is full of many emotions much has happened in the last nine months. It's all very difficult to express in words. We find our peace in God, which is such a blessing. Michael and I plan to go to Mass together today in remembrance of our first baby. And perhaps we will get a piece of birthday cake, too. To our dear, sweet Thomas Gianna - we love and miss you so. Please pray for us.

October 31 also means it's the last day to join us in our birthday gift - raising $2,500 for the National Gianna Center for Women. This women's health and fertility care center has been such a gift to us, and we want to give back in honor of our baby. We still have $770 to raise to reach our goal. 
We need your help to make it! I'll let you in on a little something - the $1,730 we raised so far is from twenty donations. That means those are some seriously generous donors! We are so thankful for them! But of course, every donation - no matter the size - is just as valued. Would you consider making a $5 or $10 donation? Maybe the amount you normally spend on a weekend latte (or your treat of choice)? Thank you so, so much for prayerfully considering.

Click here to give >>>

Michael and I are going on a little babymoon getaway this weekend. We are so looking forward to some fresh air, open skies, and an extra big dose of the outdoors. That is, unless it snows. And according to the forecast it might. You can expect a post on our special trip sometime soon!

I'm really looking forward to All Saints Day and All Souls Day this weekend. Special feasts which are especially dear to my heart at this moment in my life. I hope yours are blessed, dear readers.

And a happy Halloween to you, too. Wishing you only treats and no tricks!


  1. Those pics are so sweet! And I'm going to guess...girl!

  2. Love the pictures! And your baby bump is adorable. Have a wonderful babymoon!

    St. Thomas Gianna pray for us!

  3. Elise, praying for your peace today. I've had due dates for two miscarried babies and one was difficult and one was quite peaceful and beautiful. Praying for the latter for you!

  4. I'm guessing girl...praying for you and Michael in a special way today, Elise!!

  5. I am guessing boy!! Congratulations!!

  6. Happy feast of All Saints to you! :D

  7. Those pictures are beautiful, and you and your husband look so happy. Prayers for your little saint, and the little one growing!


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