Wednesday, October 29, 2014

5 Favorites {no. 13} pumpkin edition!

This week's edition of five favorites is dedicated to my pumpkin favorites from dear ol' Trader Joe's. No, this post is not sponsored. I just love Trader Joe's and all the pumpkin things, so I wanted to share!

pumpkin waffles // These frozen waffles are not only delicious, but a quick & easy breakfast -
just toast and enjoy!

pumpkin cranberry crisps // I forget which lovely blogger pointed me towards these delights, but they are a super delicious treat that make me feel a little fancy. Especially when I eat them with my favorite cheese, brie. (Pasteurized only for this pregnant momma. P.S. 20 weeks today!!)

this pumpkin walks into a bar...cereal bars // I have been throwing one of these into my purse as I head into the city for a long day. They make a great snack, and they're pumpkin-y delicious!

organic pumpkin {canned} // Please excuse my already open can of pumpkin. This stuff is not only yummy, but reasonably priced (thank you, TJ!). I have made pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread, and can't wait to make some pumpkin pie...the possibilities are endless!

dark chocolate speculoos cookie butter cups // This was supposed to be pumpkin spice granola, but I ate it all before I remembered to snap a picture. If my Trader Joe's carried their super amazing pumpkin pancake mix this year that surely would have made the top of this list. So, as a stand in, I give you Trader Joe's dark chocolate speculoos cookie butter cups. Need I say more, friends? Warning: These are dangerous. Very, very dangerous.

What are your pumpkin favorites? Or Trader Joe's faves? Pretty please - share in the comments!

{Bonus! An update!}
We have been given $300 more in donations since Friday's post. Only two days left and $885 to go! Please consider giving to this worthy cause, especially as Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month draws to a close. Every $1, $5, $10 - or any amount you can give - really helps! Click here {or follow the link in the sidebar} for more info or to make a donation. God bless you for prayerfully considering!

And, in case you missed it - all proceeds from these new prints in my etsy shop go to our birthday gift fundraiser for the next two days only. 
This one would make a great Thanksgiving gift for a family member, friend or your dinner host:

Okay, that's all for today, dear friends - thanks for stopping by...

And don't forget to click over here for more favorites! Thank you for hosting, Jenna!

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  1. I really need to make a trip to Trader Joe's! These are all amazing and make me want to make something pumpkinish! I'll have to settle for the pumpkin candle for now though because I think I've been on baking overdrive lately lol Yummy candles are still a win though :)

  2. YUMMMMMMM. I love Trader Joe's, and I love their pumpkin stuff. Those cranberry crisps are ammmmmaaaaaasing.

    I love your designs. Will try to get over to check out the etsy shop ASAP.

  3. Ahhhhhh so jealous of your pumpkin items and close-ness to TJ's! And congrats mama!!!!! I'm also in love with your etsy store... may be back! :D

  4. I LOVE all the pumpkin things at TJs! The pumpkin cream cheese and pumpkin coffee are two of my faves. And their dark chocolate sea salt almonds are a huge weakness for me. :) Great list!

    1. I second the sea salt dark chocolate almonds. I try to avoid TJ's because I will buy these if I go in there and they do not last long in our house.

  5. What? There are cookie butter cups?! I need to find TJs near me now.

  6. This makes me so sad that Canada doesn't have Trader Joe's....


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