Friday, September 5, 2014

handwritten with love

When was the last time you received a handwritten note or card in the mail? Is there anything quite like opening up your mailbox to find a little love? There's something so much more personal about receiving that kind of correspondence as opposed to an email. Don't get me wrong - I am thankful for the convenience of technology, but sometimes it's good to take the time to write and mail a note. Am I sounding like an old lady here, or are you with me?
Perhaps my love of the handwritten is because I have a thing for handwriting (evidence: my etsy shop). Or perhaps it's my love of using a nice pen and writing on pretty paper. I just love it.

Speaking of pretty paper, have you ever shopped at Minted? They recently came out with a new line of foil-pressed personalized stationary which, I must say, is super gorgeous. Here are some of my favorite designs:
what I love about these minted foil-pressed designs:
{from top to bottom}
1 // majestic // classic and simple
2 // posey blush // feminine with a touch of whimsy
3 // provencale summer // naturally beautiful
4 // paris from stripes to chevrons // just so fun
5 // the grainfield // elegance with a hint of autumn

Which design is your favorite? Do you have a favorite place to buy stationary? Do tell!

Here's hoping you're feeling inspired to pull out your stationary {or order your own personalized set} and write a little note to someone you love. Brighten someone's day. Be a light.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, friends!

{disclaimer} I will receive compensation for this post, but all opinions expressed are my honest ones.

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  1. I love handwritten things... I met a gal at summer camp back in middle school, and most of our correspondence has been through handwritten letters. (She lives in IL and I in MI.) It doesn't get better. :)

    I love the card on the bottom left! So simple and beautiful. My favorite place to buy stationery is either Hollander's here in Ann Arbor, or The Paper Source. It's almost addictive!
    The Starving Inspired

  2. That's so fun, Iris. Love Hollander's and Paper Source! Have you been to Rock, Paper, Scissors in A2?


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