Thursday, January 16, 2014

{pretty, happy, funny, real} no. 1

A peek into my life right now...

Isn't this lemon lovely? I prefer my water with lemon. I tend to drink much more water this way,
and drinking water is always good! This particular lemon was just so juicy, fragrant, and fresh.
I wish you were here to enjoy it, too! 

Michael and I tried green smoothies for the first time last night. Have you ever had one?
I was very happily surprised to find they were quite good. It was my idea to make them, but I admit
I was a little nervous it would taste purely like the spinach I put in there. But it didn't! :)

If you're interested, I used the following ingredients to make the two large smoothies you see pictured:
2 bananas, 1 green apple, 1 cup green grapes, 1 cup yogurt, 2 1/2 cups spinach - blend until smooth.

I'm not sure this is really very funny, but it makes me giggle a little as this song is a bit belated now. 
This is what my little chalkboard read all during Advent - and still reads today...on January 16... 
...though calling on the Lord to come and be with us never goes out of season!

This is a picture of our dripping radiator. 
It likes to leak and leak and leak when it is put to good use in these winter months. Now, I'm no radiator expert, but I don't think this is normal. The cracked linoleum floors you can also see pictured are a delight to the eye, no? Keepin' it real here, folks! ;)
• • •
And...since I feel like I am still getting to know many of you
(as it's only my 3rd month of blogging), 4 random tidbits about me, {phfr} style: 

{pretty} // My husband Michael makes me feel prettiest. Lucky for me, he makes me feel as pretty in my pajamas as when I'm all dressed up for a date night. He's such a gift to me.
{happy} // Singing makes me happy...listening to great singing, and singing itself. Teaching others how to sing is also a great gift in my life; it brings me so much joy.
{funny} // For some reason, my fourth toe is a little rounder than the rest. My sister dubbed it my "bulbous toe" and then nicknamed it further: "Bulby." Good thing I love my sister so much!
{real} // I am a gal who wears many hats. Current 'hats' in my life:
music director, voice teacher, singer, personal assistant, etsy calligrapher, and blogger.
And my favorite hats, of course: Catholic wife, sister, daughter and friend.

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  1. Love lemon water!!
    My Madison and I drink it all day long.
    And you know what else? Cucumber slices in it too!
    Have a cozy weekend! : )

  2. I still had our 'N O E L' decorative letters up above a doorway until a couple of days ago... glad I'm not alone in updating our decor a little on the late side!

    And so refreshing to see other imperfect houses. Ours is a fixer-upper in pretty much every sense of the word, complete with leaky ceiling spots, mice in the basement, ugly tiled bathroom (oh, yes, there are cracks in the floor and everywhere else, too!), etc. :-)

  3. I've been pondering green smoothies. I have a problem with drinking green things... Eating them is fine... but but but... liquids are not supposed to be... green. lol.

    ~ Country Girl's Daybook
    recently posted: Rest in peace, Anna.

  4. You know what is also good is add some cucumbers to fresh lemon water...I've had a pitcher going in our fridge for the last week, and I think it is helping me drink more good ol' H2O ;) so tasty!


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