Friday, January 17, 2014

7 Quick Takes {no. 7} praying & celebrating

One of my favorite things about the blog community is that we can ask to pray for one another,
and many people can then enter into the prayer. It's powerful, and it's such a gift.
Would you join me in a prayer for Bonnie's son, James and Beth's baby, Rebecca?
And several of my favorite bloggers out there are expecting, so I'll say a prayer for each of their pregnancies, too, including Colleen, Dwija, Grace, Kathryn, and Susan.
Also praying for my pregnant, non-blogging, IRL friends, Gabriele and Gina. :) Thanks for praying with me. Do you have any prayer requests? Leave a comment and I will say a prayer!

For quick take number two...
Tomorrow marks the two year anniversary (see what I did there?)
of opening my etsy shop, {with joy calligraphy}!
If you've never visited my shop, I do creative handwriting for invitations and escort cards.
Most of my clients ask me to work on their weddings, but I have also addressed save the dates,
party invitations and Christmas cards. Custom work is also welcomed!
my {simple elegance} style
my {fancy free} style
It's hard to believe it has already been two years since I opened my shop. I am hoping to add some new products there in 2014. So if you (or someone you know!) has a celebration coming up, would you keep my little shop in mind? A link to visit the shop also lives at the top of my blog page.
Thanks for your support!


I've been working this week to make prayer the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning. Most of the time I reach for my phone and check my e-mail and instagram/facebook/twitter, but I've been trying to change that. I started the Jesus Calling devotional this year, and I find it a great way to connect with the Lord in the morning before I connect with anything/anyone else.
We'll see if I can make this a habit. I hope so!

Michael & I asked for several Disney classics for Christmas. It has been so fun to watch them again after not seeing them for years and YEARS. It's funny to see what I remember most and what I completely missed as a little girl. Last night we watched Cinderella. This scene was always one of my favorites, and I still love it. "A dream is a wish your heart makes..."
I giggled thinking about how I used to twirl around my bedroom singing this song, fluffing my pillow and pulling on its corners like those little birds do. I also got a laugh remembering that I requested my parents name my little sister Cinderella. I guess Allison is a nice name, too. :)

I am looking forward to the long weekend before classes officially start back up again for Michael on Tuesday (though he's already been back working on his research and studies). As I've mentioned before, he has a big semester coming up, so I think we'll enjoy this last little bit of calm before things really take off for him. Plus, it's his birthday on Tuesday, so we have some celebrating to do! Would you please say a prayer for him, and also that I would have the grace to support him as he needs?

Struggling to come up with seven takes this week... I'll spare you my faking it...
let's just jump to number seven, shall we?

Today's the last day to nominate your favorite bloggers for Bonnie's Sheenazing Blog Awards. I submitted my nominations this morning...have you submitted yours? It's fun!

Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary and many more lovely bloggers.
Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. have NO idea...
    Flynn LOVES in loves.
    We sing that song together at least once a day. : )
    The only Barbies she plays with are Cinderella ones...and you wouldn't believe how many there are out there!
    The last time we went to Disney world, Flynn was only 2, but she ran right to her, and sat on her lap, took off her shoe ( a Cinderella sandal) and showed Cinderella her own "glass slipper!"

    Sorry for that! We just love her!

    1. Haha! Love this, Billie Jo!! Always love hearing from you. :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Praying for all these people you mentioned. If you could keep my friend Anna in your prayers... She is in the hospital in a coma and on a ventilator with complications from cystic fibrosis. And she has double pneumonia and other bacteria in her lungs. We recieved word today that she is indeed failing, and only has a day or so before a recovery is impossible. We are praying for a miracle, but we are also praying for complete surrender to the will of God here.

    Thank you.

    1. Iris, I am so sorry to hear this news of your friend. Know that I am praying for her...

  3. Thank you for requesting prayers for my baby!

  4. You are so kind with all your prayer requests. And I will pray for Iris' friend too!
    And you're right, the blogging community is awesome.

  5. I love Cinderella, which movies did you and Michael ask for?? Your calligraphy shop is adorable, I've always wanted to learn that, but have never seemed to get around to it:)


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