Wednesday, October 1, 2014

5 Favorites {no. 12} & WWRW - First Trimester edition

Today marks sixteen weeks with this sweet blessing in my belly. So I wanted to share five of my favorite things - must haves, I might say - that helped me through that dear first trimester.

{1} Camelbak water bottle // Momma's gotta have that H2O! Having a water bottle helps me stay more hydrated. I also use my fitbit app to keep track of how many ounces a day I'm drinking (and I needed a lot of ounces that first trimester in Texas!).

{2} PsiBands // These not-super-fashionable bands were a lifesaver for me with the nausea and all-day sickness I experienced for several weeks. Totally worth it.

{3} Tums // Heavens to Betsy, hello, heartburn! Oh my goodness, friends. I had horrible heartburn during the first trimester. It didn't matter what I ate. And may I just say, heartburn is not a nice thing to have in combination with anxiety. Yikes. But these Tums did the trick! Something tells me I may be needing these later on, too...

{4} Rainbow Light prenatal vitamins // These vitamins are awesome. They have not given me nausea a single time. And they're really not too bad to swallow either. Winning at all the things!

{5} A Catholic Mother's Companion to Pregnancy // This book has been such a blessing. Each chapter is a different week of pregnancy with information, prayers, and a mystery of the rosary for the week. It's truly a beautiful way to "walk with Mary from conception to baptism," as the subtitle of the book says. Highly recommended. Would make a great gift for a newly pregnant momma, too.

What were your key pregnancy survival items? Let me know! I'd love to hear from you!

Linking up with Mary Kate for five favorites and Jessica for WWRW.

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  1. happy for your blessing...
    And for slices! That was all I could eat for months.
    Also...napping. Really. Nap. : )
    And enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Those vitamins are pretty a great, right? Anything that makes the "have to's" of 1st trimester pregnancy easier deserves a shout out. Enjoy your 2nd trimester!!

  3. Ah I meant to get that book this time around!!! And now I'm almost 35 weeks soooo I don't think it's going to happen... Next time!


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