Tuesday, February 25, 2014


When I was in college I took a creative writing class. It was one of my favorite classes outside of my music curriculum. We wrote short stories and poems, but the poetry section was my favorite. Though I honestly don't read poetry too much, I so enjoy it. And I had such a wonderful time writing poems. I'd like to challenge myself to get back into writing poetry. I'm not sure I've written any poems since the class. (The challenge of writing seven posts in seven days is what got me thinking about that!)

I looked through some of the poems I wrote in college just a few (coughSIX?!cough) years ago. I wrote this one in February, so I though it would be appropriate to share today. I hope you enjoy it.


warm moonglow shining on
the frozen february earth
tucked in nature’s quilt of snow

each flake falls from
the starry night sky
pure innocent untouched until

snow crowned boots crunch
sparkling crystal sidewalks
never again the same

frost-glazed windows hide
those inside who are
not prepared to see the

bright red cardinal
perched on the picket fence
which reminds me of you

oh my heart

Do you ever write or read poetry? Who are your favorite poets? 

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