Friday, February 20, 2015

7QT {no. 37} baby showers, baby bumps & birthdays

I just looked back and my last 7 Quick Takes post was written on December 5, 2014 - clearly it has been too long! So here I am! :)

In case you missed it, earlier this week I shared about the baby shower my family threw for us in Ohio. At the time, I promised to share about our baby shower in Michigan. So, without further ado...

My wonderful in-laws threw us a safari animal-themed baby shower, with the star animal being the giraffe (one of my favorites).

This crib (our baby's actual crib! yay!) was filled with blankets, toys, clothes & more.

All the food fit right in with the party's theme. My favorites were probably the adorable safari snake subway sandwich...

...and the zebra snacks. Brownies, chocolate-covered pretzel thins, chocolate covered strawberries & grapes -- all drizzled with vanilla almond bark. Yes, please! 

One of my favorite features of the party was that at each table there were books (about giraffes, naturally) where guests could leave a little note for our sweet boy. Such a fun idea!
We are so thankful to have so much love in our lives. Our baby is being born into two families who already adore him! What a blessing.

And here's a link to the post about our other baby shower, in case you'd like to take a peek - it's super cute, too!
{Baby, it's cold outside!}
While we are catching up on all I haven't blogged about, let's see what else I have missed...

Ah, yes - my sweet husband's birthday, which was almost a month ago! I always love celebrating him.

And tomorrow is his church birthday - the anniversary of his Baptism! So much to celebrate!

Of course, there was Valentine's Day. I made an "I love you" pie instead of my traditional "I love you" cake this year - pictured on the left here.
The picture on the right is our breakfast from Mardi Gras on Tuesday! Yes, I said breakfast. (May I confess: I felt so wild & crazy for serving/allowing this! I guess it doesn't take much for me...ha!)

And I'd be remiss not to include a baby bump picture! (Especially after my last one on the blog was at 27 weeks!) You may have already seen these over on the 'gram. But if not, here are 35 & 36 weeks:

Linking up with Kelly and many more lovely bloggers!

I hope you all are having a very blessed start to your Lent.
Have a beautiful weekend...

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Baby, it's cold outside! {a baby shower}

Happy Tuesday, friends!

I know - it's been a while. Again. This poor little blog just has not stood a chance of thriving against my every day life as of late. Alas. It is what it is! The longer I'm away from sharing in this space, the more I feel like I don't know where to begin or what to say, which keeps me from writing anything at all. So! I'm jumping in with both feet today to share about a special evening we had in December - one I don't want to forget.
When Michael & I were visiting my family in Ohio over the holidays, we were blessed to have a gorgeous baby shower thrown for us. It was a couple's baby shower, which I really liked. The dad should get to celebrate, too! And we're back in town so rarely that it was a great chance for both of us to see our family and friends who attended.

The theme of the shower was Baby, It's Cold Outside. I know - so. stinking. cute. Right?? The coordinating party invitations were from minted:
{Baby, it's cold outside INVITATION} via
Guests arrived to a luminary lit driveway...
were instructed to leave their coats on our screened in porch...
...and come inside for the festivities! 

Every detail of the party was so very thoughtful. There was a place for guests to share their advice for us...
 ...and a place for them to guess when our sweet boy will arrive!
And then, of course, there was the food. And it was delicious!

Is this "chilly bar" not the cutest?!

The sweet treats were also amazing. There were cookies and milk, champagne bubble candies, chocolate cupcakes, vanilla taffy...
...but my favorites were probably the scrumptious cake pops {I had never had one before! YUM!}.
I also loved the hot cocoa bar - so fun! {Hot cocoa and whipped cream not pictured!}
All the decorations were beautiful, too. 
{art print by lindsay letters}
The heart put into the evening was so apparent.

Such a special night with dear family and friends to celebrate our baby boy. We are so grateful and feel so blessed! 

Also...did I mention he is due one month from tomorrow? (!!!!)

Whether it's cold outside where you are or not, I hope you're warm, cozy and well. 
Thank you for being here!

P.S. COMING SOON - pictures from a super cute shower my in-laws threw for us in Michigan!

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