Friday, December 26, 2014

Why, hello!
{back from an unplanned break!}

Hi, friends! It was not my original plan to take a two (plus) week blogging break, but here we are. It's that time of year when most of us have been so busy. At first I was stressing about not blogging in the midst of the busyness when I decided to accept it and embrace a little break. I made an effort to stay in the present and occasionally even find time for quiet (which is not something that comes easily to me).

I'd love to share a few highlights:

• I was blessed to attend a special Young Adult Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral with Cardinal Dolan as the presider, and Matt Maher leading the music. It was so great!

• If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed we took a trip to San Francisco for a conference Michael had.
 And we got to hang out with my sister who lives there, which was the very best part!

• Our pregnancy continues to go well - praise God! I'm 28 weeks pregnant now! Here's a picture from last week at 27 weeks:
I can't believe I'm already in the third trimester! Crazy. We have our first baby shower this weekend, and we are so looking forward to celebrating this sweet blessing with our family and friends in a special way. 

• Though I have no photo evidence to document it (oops!), on Sunday I got to meet the beautiful Dwija of House Unseen, and her family. Her family and my in-laws attend the same parish. It's always so much fun to meet my favorite bloggers in person. Love it!

• Of course, I also spent time preparing for Christmas, which included wrapping gifts. I absolutely adore wrapping gifts for my loved ones.  I went with a white and kraft paper theme this year.
We spent Christmas Eve and Day with my in-laws, and now are heading to visit my family in Ohio for some more celebrating. After all, there are twelve days of Christmas, so this is only the beginning! (Be sure to follow the #twelvedays hashtag on social media!)

More coming soon...but I wanted to stop in to say a quick hello. I've missed you!
I hope you and yours have been enjoying this special time of year together.

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