Friday, May 2, 2014

7 (really, really) Quick Takes {no. 15}

Putting my copy of Something Other Than God down to link up with the author herself...

Happy May! Here in NYC, May 1 started like this:
A little rainy...but the beauty of these tulips was bright...
By the time I got out of work, it looked like this:
Sunny and 75 degrees and just gloooooorioouuuuuuss! (I just sang that glorious part!) Praise God. Amazing what spring weather does for my spirit. The season is just bursting with hope. 

I'm brainstorming a little something special for Mondays in May...come visit again soon for details!

And now I think I will head to the park to read more of this...
Told you I'd be really, really quick! Be sure to visit Jen's for more takes. :)
Have a great weekend...

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  1. Tulips are my favorite!!! And we have sunshine here too! Such a welcome sight after our long cold winter!!

    I got my copy today as well and have completed the first chapter!!

  2. How fun to stumble upon a NYC blogger! I'm from LI, just moved to CT this year. Will be stopping by your blog more!

  3. Elise, those pictures are gorgeous...I'll bet springtime in NYC is beautiful! :)


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