Thursday, February 27, 2014

the big purse dump

Joining in the fun & linking up with Kendra & more for the big purse dump she is hosting this week!

Where to begin?! Here in NYC I am constantly switching from purse to bag to backpack to purse and back again. When I am out ALL day, I have to bring a lot of stuff with me, hence the backpack or the black work bag. Sometimes, however, if I'm just going out for a quick errand I can bring one of the two smaller purses (and I'm so happy because I don't ever like carrying a ton of stuff all over town). Since it's a purse dump and not a bag dump, I'll stick to my two purses for this post. :)

First up, my little green clutch from Banana Republic. It was a birthday gift from my parents, and I just love how light this purse is. It's small to the point where I can't possibly make it heavy to carry around town. Perfect!

A used napkin, an umbrella, hand sanitizer (a must for city living and public transportation!),
a lip gloss, a chapstick, a lip treatment, a pen & a pencil. Not too bad!

Now for purse number two, my old standby from Target...pronounced like zee French: tar-jay. Which actually reminds me of a story! When I was going to get my name changed shortly after getting married, I was waiting for my turn at a government office. No one else was around at this small place, and Ms. Security Guard told me how much she liked my purse.

Oh, I just LOOOOOOVE your purse! Where did you get that? she asked. 

Oh, Target (pronounced the normal way), I replied. 

Oooooh, HONEY! she said with sass. Don't say Tar-GET! Say Tar-JAY! It sounds so much betta'! 

She started laughing hysterically, and I giggled. Then she and her security guard friend started talking about shopping. Ain't that the truth! they exclaimed. Too funny.

Okay, back on track. My gray Target purse. Here's what I found inside:
Advil, my coupon organizer, some Honey Lemon cough drops, a notepad, pens & a pencil, a crocheted coffee sleeve, deodorant, kleenex (2), an old gum wrapper, some lip gloss, hand sanitizer, Laura Mercier lotion, hair clips/ties/bobby pins, my business cards, a rosary, and my sunglasses case. Whew!

I can't say I was too surprised with what I found in my purses because I am always switching items around from bag to bag, but I would like to have less in my purse. But then I always think to myself, "Well, what if I need that?" and then I rarely use them. Do you do that too? Just me?

Then I came in my living room and I noticed this pile of stuff that was between bags at the time:
A computer mouse, another deodorant, feminine items, more kleenex, two hand mirrors, tylenol, sunglasses, my wallet and the current book I'm reading which usually comes with me for reading on the subway or bus.

A couple of my favorite items are:
• the crocheted coffee cup sleeve - It was a gift from my mom. I just think it's so cute and I love using it when I go out.
• the Laura Mercier hand lotion - Not only does it moisturize well, but it just smells SO good. Shout out to my friend Mary who gave me such a treat.
• my rosary - which was a gift from my dear friend Julie. She got it for me in Fatima. 

So that's my purse dump! What's in yours? :)

Linking up with Jen - this is four out of seven posts in seven days this week.
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  1. The new bag from my purse dump is also from Tar-zjay (on clearance!) and yes, I absolutely lug around a ton of stuff on the off chance I want it. I would much rather have a 20lb purse than have to sit in the car with a sleeping baby and have nothing to do!

    1. Glad to know I'm not alone! Thanks for hosting such a fun link-up!


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