Friday, December 13, 2013

7 Quick Takes {No. 4}

Happy Friday! Linking up as usual at Conversion Diary - thank you for hosting, Jen!

We had our first significant snow of the season this week in NYC! Very exciting. There's nothing quite like the beauty of snow falling silently and peacefully from the sky. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this picture from that morning:
{snow mug for a snowy morning!}
I always find the first big snowfall of the year to be particularly special.
So special, it deserves two takes, I think! :)
{bundled for the snow!!}
{snowflakes that stay on your nose & eyelashes...and mittens!}

Do you watch Downton Abbey? My husband and I were late to hop aboard the DA train, but we couldn't stop watching all three seasons once we got started earlier this year! This week the Downton Abbey Tea Truck (yes, there is such a thing!) was making its way around New York City. 
My friend Mary and I went to visit the truck where they were passing out free tea and cookies (yum!), and showing a trailer and interviews about season four. Everyone working there was in full costume, as you can see in this picture (you may have seen it on my Twitter feed). What fun! Looking forward to the show starting back up again soon...
{so fun! and a little extra funny because my friend's name is Mary, too!}

Did you see that I started a new series on the blog this week? 
I invite you to join me! I think it's beautiful to see the ways the same scripture can touch different people at different places in life. Hoping this series will be a good place for sharing that!

I also started sharing our love story here on the blog. It has been so much fun to write!
Next week I hope to write about our engagement, and I will also do a post about our wedding day.


I wanted to share a picture of my finished Advent wreath, after showing the start of it in this post.
I was waiting for some greenery from our Christmas tree to add the evergreen element. I'll share our Christmas tree with you at some point soon!

Yesterday I went here:
{Magnolia Bakery - Upper West Side, NYC}
and I ate this:
{Y U M!}
This peppermint ice box cake is so good. And I mean SO good (yes, it calls for all-caps!). My favorite holiday treat in the city. If you're ever in NYC at Christmastime, make sure you have a slice. It's large enough to share. 

Michael has been away at a conference all week long, and I have been missing him big time! He is on his way back now though, and I am looking forward to some quality time together this weekend. I am so grateful for the gift my husband is in my life.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

P.S. Congratulate Caitlin on her new arrival! So exciting!! 


  1. I bet living in the city is so exciting! Enjoy your snow and all your yummy treats!

    1. Certainly never a dull moment here, Beth! I saw in your post the other day that you'd always wanted to live in a city. It's certainly a different experience, especially NYC. :)

  2. A Downton Abbey tea truck? That's the best publicity stunt EVER! :D

    1. Right?! Thanks for stopping by, Jessica!

  3. I love your mug!!
    Enjoy the snow...
    We are supposed to get 8 inches tomorrow!

    1. 8 inches - wow!! Hope you stay cozy & warm - and enjoy!

  4. I am so honored to have made your beautiful blog, Elise!



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